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Dark Green Colored fruit It has tolerance for high temperature. Fast-growing capacity.Highly resistant to viruses and other diseases.

Agronomy Detail
Sowing Period Sep-Dec, Feb-Mar
Spacing 1.5 ft plant to plant
First Fruit Harvested After 60-70 days
No. of Seeds/pack 25


- +
  • Sowing: Spring & Autumn
  • Seed Depth: Double the size of seed
  • Irrigation:
    • Maintain good soil moisture
    • Excess or less water both are harmful
  • Fertilizer:
    • Apply fertilizer near root tips, 2.5 cm deep
    • Booster: Every 7-10 days after transplanting
    • Fruity: Every 7-10 days when flowering starts
    • See the guide below for more details


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