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About Our Workshops

We are here to bust all myths about kitchen gardening!

Just as we often worry about the source and healthiness of junk and restaurant food, we also need to consider the source and freshness of the vegetables we eat. According to research reports by popular science, majority of foodborne illness is caused by leafy green vegetable reason being the use of chemical pesticides and contaminated water for irrigation. The safest way is to grow fresh, organic, and healthy vegetables at home in front of your eyes.

Our workshops are designed to equip you with the basics of kitchen gardening and help you start your organic journey today!

Saturday, 6th Mar, 1:30 – 3:30pm

Session Details

Planning Your First Kitchen Garden

🌱 The need to go organic!
🌱 What is kitchen gardening and why is it important?
🌱 Planning your first kitchen garden
🌱 How to sow seeds and transplant your seedlings
🌱 Taking care of your plants
🌱 Techniques to minimize diseases and enhance produce
🌱 Harvesting and post-harvest care for next pickings
🌱 Hear from your fellow enthusiast kitchen gardeners

Participant Reviews

Hands - On Activities

🌱 Opportunity to visit Homegrown’s kitchen garden
🌱 Pot filling, sowing, transplanting, and harvesting activity
🌱 Stacking and plant support
🌱 Preparing fertilizer
🌱 Harvest green veggies from our garden and prepare your own salad
🌱 FREE Kitchen Gardening starting kits for all participants!

Why should you attend the workshop?

Amidst COVID-19 and quarantine orders, it is the best time to start that new hobby you have always been planning, and attending this workshop could be the stepping stone. It is never too late to start a healthy lifestyle and be self-sufficient. People often think that it takes a lot of time, effort, and space to grow vegetables at home but the truth is that you can grow vegetables even by hanging pots to walls if you don’t have backyard space and it only requires 30 mins per week of time and effort. In this workshop, we will share all the tips and tricks for smart kitchen gardening solutions.

Who should attend the workshop?

The workshop is designed for ANYONE and EVERYONE! If you are starting your health journey or just thinking of starting it, or if you have been kitchen gardening for a while we have something of value for everyone! New growers will walk away with all the motivation and skills they were lacking to start their sustainability journey. While experienced growers will find a stronger community and grow buddies along with additional knowledge of smart and modern kitchen gardening techniques.

Why Homegrown?

Homegrown aims to build a community around the concept of an organic and healthy lifestyle. We have been practicing and experimenting with growing vegetables at home for years and now want to help others experience the happiness and satisfaction of doing the same. We have our own demo spot where we test all crop varieties before selling them and this workshop is an opportunity to visit our facility and spend a day with nature and prepare your own healthy lunch for the day by directly harvesting from our garden.